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Transformational Workshops: SoulCollage®
Discover Your Wisdom. Change Your World™

SoulCollage® is a creative and fun process that usually assists with personal growth, self-expression, and self-discovery as an avenue to learn more about yourself on a deeper level. SoulCollage® may enhance any other work you are doing in psychotherapy, art, writing, spiritual guidance, breath work or religious studies.  It is a creative tool, but it is not in itself a therapy.

SoulCollage® workshops can help men and women live a more positive enriched life and receive some clarity, guidance, and wisdom for some of life’s many questions that the mind sometimes gets in the way of.

Every participant’s experience will be unique!  The workshops are designed to meet YOU where you are on your journey and bring YOU what your inner wisdom is craving in the present moment.

SoulCollage® was developed in the late 1980s by psychotherapist Seena Frost as a way for people to tap into their unconscious wisdom in a fun way by using images rather than words or text creating a collage that bypasses the analytical, logical, and critical mindset.  It instead explores the inherently creative inner self.

The first SoulCollage® workshop I attended created a profound transformation in my life many years ago, so I became a certified SoulCollage® facilitator to share this wonderful process with others.

There is no right or wrong way! No art experience is necessary!

Bright Future:

I AM ONE WHO can not see exactly were I am going, but as I’m flying there I know it is very colorful, very bright and beautiful!”

Inner Strength:

“I AM ONE WHO knows my horse was my strength.  Always trusting that strength that gave me what I needed to keep my head above water, to stay afloat, and the freedom to continue moving forward.”

I was surprised that my subconscious picked images for entirely different reasons than I thought.  I found meaningful items in images that I hadn’t seen when I picked them. I realized that my inner-self had things to tell me that I might not have heard on a regular day.” ~ Mary, first time attendee

“It opens the mind/soul to a visual picture of self. When the rest of the group shared, it was very meaningful, seeing how each person took a personal journey.”

“I got a lot out of the process. It is a powerful way to connect and access inner wisdom.  It is affirming and supportive.” ~ Jennifer

Heather is a powerful facilitator and led me through this beautiful process expertly and with grace. Annita Keane Amazon Best Selling Author of ‘How Do I Know?.’ Your Guide to Decision Making Mastery.®

I attended one of these workshops with Heather Sherrill in November and found it to be an awesome experience. Great way to relax, create and spend time with your highest self. Highly Recommended!!!!! ~ Betsy Muller, Amazon Best Selling Author of Energy Makeover®

This is something I think would be very enlightening for people going through any struggle &/or recovery process.~ Melissa