In short, my perspective is meditation is a practice or a learned art which involves focused attention and awareness on something specific such as the rhythm of your breathing or a mantra with the intention of experiencing a state of alert, conscious stillness of present moment awareness. Awareness of oneself in the present is separate from thoughts and emotions, however this does not necessarily mean having no thoughts, rather learning to not engage with them.

In a sense of visualization, you can learn to simply watch your thoughts flow by like water in a stream. In this practice you train the mind to not chase after the thoughts while also not disregarding the negative thoughts either. Through calming the mind and emotions you can learn to experience a state of inner peace and tranquility, and with practice sometimes even a sense of bliss.

Meditation is a key element of growing and integrating your awareness that may potentially lead to living your whole life more mindfully.

Meditation is known to:

  • Relax the psyche and nervous system
  • Assist in lowering blood pressure
  • Possibly reverse damaging effects of stress and tension helping to heal the body to heal
  • Promote better sleep and uplifted moods
  • Assist with emotional intelligence and raising the connection of consciousness.

There are many different types of meditation including several kinds of movement meditation, so if sitting still doesn’t work for you that does not mean meditation is not for you!