Taking a moment to JUST PAUSE helps to manage and possibly reduce anxiety and stress.  This four-week series has the potential to transform your life just as it has for many clients over the years.  JUST PAUSE  is an introductory series into mindfulness, meditation, and EFT tapping all of which have the potential to connect to your unique healing and well-being.   This is an opportunity to gain experience and to practice simple yet powerful techniques as well as to experience the countless health and healing benefits these practices can contribute to your life both personally and professionally.  In this four-week series each week’s workshop will expand on the week prior.

Our JUST PAUSE series is a powerful addition to a company’s corporate wellness programs.

When I walked into the first class, I saw Heather (not knowing she was the instructor) feeling safe, loved, and feeling free.   I learned how to tap into my inner peace and to feel my feelings.  I found a way to tap into my inner spirit and learned how to calm the stress.  ~Terrie

I am really much more in touch with my sensing and honoring my knowing.  I am now able to meditate with my eyes open in places it’s not safe to close my eyes. ~Diane

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