Intention Session

This is an invitation for us to connect in a complementary (no cost or obligation ) 20-minute session which allows you an opportunity to share your intentions, goals, and/or challenges so we can determine which of our services would be the best fit for you.

From here you may choose a safe space Connection Sessions or customized unique EFT Life Guidance Package specifically designed for you that will tap into your healing and well-being.

With the compassion, support, and intuitive guidance of a certified practitioner and facilitator, your intentions, goals, and desires are no longer of reach and are truly attainable.

Whenever you are ready to take the first step or pursue the next significant step, I am here to support you as you embrace your path to wellness. 

To make an appointment for your Intention Session:
Schedule your appointment below or call   440-371-3660

Complementary Intention sessions are completely confidential and free.