In Nature seasons continuously change.  Human lives are extremely similar as we also go through seasons in life that shift, change, and transform us in various ways throughout the years. With the assistance of a certified practitioner, tapping into your unique healing and well-being, life’s seasonal shifts, adjustments, and transformations may unfold with more ease, grace, and peace than imaginable.

Allowing ourselves to look within we have the potential to evolve beyond our current physical, mental, and emotional states, possibly to discover that like the trees and the butterflies, we too will transform. By utilizing some form or combination of mindfulness, meditation, and energy healing/connection techniques we can tap into the radiant beauty within to bring forward the finest versions of ourselves.

In every moment we have a choice of how we will respond, react, freeze, shift, or allow our unique seasons to guide us. Learning to live in the present moment and remembering to “JUST PAUSE” can have a significant impact on your life and a profound effect on your future.  Taking a moment to “BE” before reacting or responding can dramatically change the outcome of any situation, and that choice is yours.

While the concept of mindfulness/presence often seems puzzling, with proper perspective and reflection, the choice to be present can be ingrained into our normal routine and become transformative. Like any transformational experience, this process takes time, practice, and dedication.

Our Services

Tapping into your unique healing and wellbeing

Complimentary Intention Session is a no cost opportunity to connect and discuss your goals, desires, challenges, and intentions to narrow down how what we offer may be of great service to you!

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During the initial Intention Session we connect and narrow down your intentions of tapping into your unique healing.  Then an EFT Life Guidance package is designed specifically for you!

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We offer a variety of meditation opportunities to assist with the anxiety and stress of daily life.  Group and private sessions are available in person and virtually.

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Just Pause is an introductory workshop to learn and practice simple profound techniques of tapping, mindfulness, and meditation that integrate into your daily life to assist with anxiety and stress.

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SoulCollage® Workshops are an amazing fun process to assist with living a more authentic life, especially for those dedicated to enrichment and clarity through self-discovery.

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Transition and change are constant in life, as we are always changing and growing, but there is no reason to do it alone!  Retreats and workshops are a wonderful place to feel supported through the energy of a group gathering!

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What Our Clients Say

I am not a licensed mental health therapist. The services I provide do not involve the diagnosis or treatment of mental disorders or a substitute for other medical treatments.